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Laura Forster's Great War documentary now available

Searching for Halifax NP711 now available to rent or buy!

Flying Goose Productions second documentary, Laura Forster's Great War, is now available on Vimeo and YouTube. This short film, hosted by Rob Wagner, profiles Dr. Laura Forster. Forster was an Australian scientist, physician and surgeon renowned for her research in diseases. Coming from a military family, she had a sense of adventure and duty to her country and her adopted country of England. She volunteered to serve as a surgeon at the front lines when the First World War broke out in 1914, but the Royal Army Medical Corps refused to allow women surgeons in operating theaters near the front. Rather than submit to the RAMC's whims, she embarked on a nearly three-year journey to Belgium, France, the Caucasus, Turkey and Russia. She took charge of hospitals to provide critical care to soldiers and refugees alike. The strain of travel under harsh conditions would ultimately lead to her death in Russia in 1917.

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Also available on Apple TV+, and 

Flying Goose's First film

Searching for Halifax NP711 has been in production for more than a year, but its origins date to 1991 when Richard Wagner told his cousin Rob Wagner, now CEO of Flying Goose Productions, the story of his brother Bill, who was killed in a bombing operation over Germany on February 21, 1945. Rob Wagner wanted to tell the story some day given that Bill's death represented so many of the experiences of bomber air crews during World War II. Now that story is being told. Searching for Halifax NP711 was released in January 2023 and is currently making the film festival rounds. See the trailer below for a hint of what the film is about.

Flying Goose partners with Janson Media 


Flying Goose Productions, LLC has partnered with Janson Media of Tappen, NY, to distribute the documentary film "Searching for Halifax NP711" worldwide for broadcast television and on streaming video platforms. Throughout 2023, the two companies will work diligently to bring the film to a wide audience.

Janson Media boasts of more than 23,000 hours of content worldwide. Its content includes independent feature films and documentaries as well as televisions productions that include drama, crime, animation, children's shows, social issues, music, history, pop culture, science and technology, and health and wellness among other genres.

The distribution company works with Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, FreeVee, Tubi, Roku, Pluto and NBC's Peacock as well as other platforms.

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